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  • Holly Walsh

San Juan + Rincón, Puerto Rico |

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Puerto Rico is the idyllic Caribbean experience without needing a passport. My first visit to the island was in 2019 and I fell in love with the views, the food and the island culture.  This winter when Nick and I happened to line up a week off one month and needed to quickly plan a getaway, we decided to head back to this beautiful island.

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We flew into San Juan on the island’s north western coast and spent the day roaming around El Morro and ‘Viejo’ San Juan. Old San Juan is the second oldest European-settled city in the Americas and the rich history is everywhere you look. Between the 400-year old fort and the streets lined with colorful, Spanish architecture, there is much to see in San Juan.

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After leaving San Juan, rather than taking the major interstate, Nick and I decided to turn off the GPS and follow the coastal roads to Rincon. We were able to slow down and see so much more of the island this way. Once we arrived in Rincon we spent the week surfing, snorkeling, swimming, hiking and eating, If you enjoy warm weather, crystal-clear caribbean water and eating ceviche & fish tacos everyday, I recommend visiting this isla de encanto.

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These images were captured on Kodak Portra 400 and Tri-x 400 with a Nikon N-90S and a Nikonos-V. Developed and scanned by North Coast Photographic Services.


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